Stuart Wiltshire has been a glass artist for over 24 years now, his passion is creating unique hand blown commissioned glass lighting chandeliers and distinctive features for interior and exterior commercial spaces and private residences.
His fresh and innovative approach to the art of glass blowing is overwhelming, and begins with meticulous planning in finding creative solutions to designing hot glass, not only paying attention to colour combinations, but also to the texture of the glass itself, then executing the project in the hot shop, creating the reality of the challenge presented by the client.
Stuarts hot glass studio is based in the tourist seaside town of Weymouth Dorset on the south coast of England where visitors to the hot shop can watch daily glassblowing demonstrations. He undertakes bespoke glass commissions, including vases, vessels, glass lighting, glass art sculpture, awards, presentation pieces and production runs of functional glassware. Stuart has been commissioned by a diverse range of clients ranging from architects to artists, interior designers and glassware manufacturers.
Stuarts glass hot shop and gallery can be found hidden in the backstreets of Weymouth a short stroll from the harbour bridge, there you will find a wide selection of art glass for sale in the form of bowls, vases, vessels, sculpture, flowers, collectible paperweights and handmade animals plus you can walk in and commission Stuart Wiltshire Glass for beautiful unique hand casting impressions of your family members that will be available for collection or postage just 24 hours later.
Stuart also offers glassblowing courses and beginner lessons in blowing glass for anyone over the age of 14, a great opportunity to gain an insight into this highly skilled ancient craft.
Every piece is truly unique and one of a kind and either mouth-blown or hand poured by his team.  No two items are ever identical and will vary slightly in terms of shape, colour, and size; this is in fact a testament to the authenticity of the production of hand blown glass.

Stuart Wiltshire, first began his career at Dartington Crystal in Devon during 1996 due to his father being a furnace man there, it was there that Stuart fell in love with the art of glass making instantly and practised daily alongside the masters. He then moved to Sweden to work for Orrefors widely known as the home of glass blowing where he worked with some extremely skilled and talented master glass makers. Stuart then returned to the south west of England to further his knowledge of glassblowing skills working alongside several other glass blowers before opening his current glass workshop.

Artist Statement
"I have achieved so much with the help of my partner Lindsay, though there are always new techniques and ideas to master, I will never stop learning with the modern use of glass as an artistic medium to produce contemporary glass art."