All Orders will be send out within 2 to 3 days of receiving ashes
All Orders will be send out within 2 to 3 days of receiving ashes
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General Other Information

Q. Can a wheelchair user attend lessons?
A. Telephone Stuart to discuss this, as the lesson would need to be adjusted to suit.

Q. Can someone who is pregnant attend lessons?
A. This is a personal choice, though I would recommend that you consider the heat, the standing time turning the glass in the glory hole, and physical requirements to make your glass.

Q. Do you need to be physically fit to attend lessons?
A. Anyone can attend as long as they are fit and well.

Q. Do you have to be strong to do glassblowing?
A. No as the lessons you would attend do not involve working with heavy amounts of glass.

Clothing and Safety Equipment

Q. What clothing should I wear?
A. Jeans, trousers or shorts and a t-shirt, long or short sleeved with fitted sleeves. This is a very hot working environment.

Q. What footwear should I wear?
A. Sturdy comfortable flat shoes, boots or trainers, no high heels, open toed sandals/flip-flops/plastic crocs or other beach type plastic footwear.

Q. What safety equipment will I need?
A. You will be provided with Kevlar sleeves to cover your arms and our fashionable safety glasses to protect your eyes. It is optional for you to bring your own safety/sun glasses or Kevlar sleeves with you, if you do not wish to share eyewear or sleeves, I recommend you purchase a pair of 18 inch Kevlar sleeves from a UK online stockist.

Q. I have long hair/dreadlocks what should I do?
A. Long hair of any type must be tied back. Stuart Wiltshire Glass is unable to provide hair accessories, though there are plenty of local shops within a 2 minute walk.

Q. I wear prescription glasses will I still need safety glasses?
A. If you have prescription sunglasses, please bring them. We have the option of our fashionable goggles that can also be worn.

Q. I wear contact lenses what should I do?
A. Tell Stuart at the beginning of the lesson, as you will be required to wear safety/sunglasses to avoid dry eyes.

Q Can I wear jewellery?
A. Yes, though I would recommend removing all bangles/loose wrist ware and rings other than wedding/engagement rings.

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Glass Making Design

Q. Can I choose the colours for my glassware?
A. Yes, there is a wide choice to choose from in stock.

Q. Can I have as many colours as I want in my glass?
A. Stuart will advise you on this, as it will depend on your colour choices as not all work well together.

Q. Can I choose what I make on the day?
A. Depending on the workshop you are attending there are various options available.

Q. Can I make a glass animal or horse instead?
A. Sorry no, this takes years of training and practice to produce a glass animal or horse.

Q. Can I make up my own design for glassware?
A. Not for a lesson though you are welcome to design something for a bespoke order and Stuart can quote you for it.

Q. Can I make a set of wine glasses?
A. Sorry no, this takes years of training and cannot be taught to a beginner or anyone with a basic understanding.

Q. Can I make glass flowers instead?
A. Sorry no, it would not be possible to teach anyone this at a lesson, it took Stuart years of practice.

Q. Can I make a really big vase like the ones on display?
A. Sorry no, this takes years of glass making skill to be able to follow through with this process.

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Studio Safety and Accidents

Q. Could I get burnt by the hot glass?
A. Safety is paramount at all times, and Stuart is aware continuously, throughout the lesson, that you are new to glassblowing to avoid this. You will constantly be guided step by step throughout the process. However, in any working environment accidents can happen, though never once has any member of the public required first aid during a glassblowing lesson.

Q. What if I feel faint because it is hot?
A. You must tell Stuart immediately and you will be guided to a cooling off area, and provided with a cold drink.

Q. Is there a first aider on site?
A. Stuart Wiltshire is a first aider.

Q. Do you have a first aid kit?
A. Yes, two of them, one standard green first aid storage box and an orange burns first aid box, both are hung on the workshop wall in clear view.

Q. Do you have a fire extinguisher?
A. Yes several, they can be seen throughout the premises.

Q. Do you have running water for burns?
A. Yes.  Not only do we have two sink areas, but also a hose connected at all times, and a shower.

Q. Do you have an accident book?
A. Yes.

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Media and Social Networking Sites

Q. Can someone take photographs of my glassblowing lesson?
A. If there is a member of staff or other lesson attendee who is willing to take photographs for you then yes!

Q. Can I take a video of my glassblowing lesson?
A. If there is a member of staff or other lesson attendee who is willing to take a video for you then yes!

Q. Can I take notes or make drawings of the lesson?
A. You would not have time too; once the process of glassblowing has started you are not able to stop until your item is completed.

Q. Can I use my telephone during my glass blowing lesson?
A. Not while you are making your glass items or during the initial talk prior to the lesson. Due to the level of noise you may wish to step outside to make a telephone call.

Q. Can I photograph someone else making glass?
A. Only if you have been given permission to do so.

Q. Can I add photos to Facebook and other online social media?
A. You can add as many photographs of your own glassblowing experience to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. as you like, though please do check if you are part of a group of people on the day that they find this acceptable and are within your photographs. Stuart Wiltshire is not responsible for this.

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Local Area Facilities

Q. Where is the nearest car park?
A. The closest 3-hour short stay is in St Nicolas street across the road from the studio.  Alternatively in Commercial Road, alongside the marina next to Debenhams, there is an all-day multi-storey car park, less than five minutes walk away.

Q. Where is the nearest shop?
A. Tesco and all the main High Street stores are in the adjacent roads.
Q. Do you provide hot and cold drinks?
A. Tea or Coffee can be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Q. Do you provide meals?
A. No.  We have no cafe facilities, though there are plenty of local cafes and takeaways nearby.

Q. Do you have Wi-Fi?
A. We do, but this is not usually made available to the general public.

Q. Do you have seating?
A. We have limited seating, but plenty of standing room, and space for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

Q. Can you recommend places to stay?
A. We would advise you to check Trip Advisor for this.  There are many hotels and Guesthouses within walking distance of the studio.

Q. Can you recommend a restaurant in the local area?
A. We would advise you to check Trip Advisor for this.

Q. What is the telephone number of a local taxi rank?
A. There are many ranks in the area, all are listed online.

Q. How far away is the train station?
A. 15 minutes walk over flat ground. There are also taxi ranks at the train station. There is not a bus service from the train station to the studio.