All Orders will be send out within 2 to 3 days of receiving ashes
All Orders will be send out within 2 to 3 days of receiving ashes
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Cremation Ashes in Glass - the perfect Memorial keepsake

These are something that I love to make, choosing to only make one at a time to give each set of remains the respect and honour they deserve.

How I Make the Memorial Glass 

I place the ashes into a metal tray, then gathering the molten glass, then first adding any colours you have chosen, when I have melted these to the surface of the glass, I reheat the glass then pick up a small amount of ashes, (about half a teaspoon full) for a paperweight, but need a bit more to make sure I have enough, returning any left over with your order. I then mix the ashes and colour together in my Glory hole at about 1180c in to random swirls and patterns, leaving a beautiful 3D patterns that you can see into. Then I cool the first part down to about 650c and gather molten 1120c glass over the top incasing the ashes inside. I then hand-shape and make this into your chosen piece.

Things that can be made containing ashes

Many things can contain the ashes in glass, a paperweight, candle holder, heart paperweight, small Vortex vase or table lamp or even a heart shaped sculpture. 

I will make some animals with ashes in, but only ones that Im confident I can do in 1 attempt, please email me if you would like one of our animals with ashes in. 

I ensure you, your chosen piece will be made with the upmost respect and passion as I have a serious love for glassmaking and making people happy using the skills I have been lucky enough to learn and share.

How long does it take to receive an order?

Within a few days of receiving the ashes I will make your piece and then send it out after two days, when the glass has cooled and been finished and polished by hand.

How to Buy your Memorial Glass Piece

Check out my shop page for Cremation Ashes Keepsakes

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