All Orders will be send out within 2 to 3 days of receiving ashes
All Orders will be send out within 2 to 3 days of receiving ashes
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Cremation Ashes Preserved in Crystal/Glass

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I personally make these myself.  I only make one order at a time, placing the ashes into a metal tray, then gathering the molten glass, first adding any colours you have chosen,  When I have melted these to the surface of the glass, I reheat the glass and pick up a small amount of ashes (about half a teaspoonful) for a paperweight, but need a bit more to make sure I have enough, returning any left over with your order.  I then mix the ashes and colour together in my Glory hole at about 1180c into random swirls and patterns, leaving a beautiful 3D pattern that you can see into. Then I cool the first part down to about 650c and gather molten 1120c glass over the top encasing the ashes inside.  I then hand-shape and make this into your chosen piece, whether it be a paperweight, candle holder, heart paperweight, small Vortex vase or table lamp or even a heart shaped sculpture. 

I will make some animals with ashes in, but only ones that I'm confident I can do in 1 attempt.  Please email me if you would like one of our animals with ashes in. 

I assure you, your chosen piece will be made with the utmost respect and passion, as I have a serious love for glassmaking and making people happy, using the skills I have been lucky enough to learn and share.